• We’re enjoying your art so much. I gave ‘Miles Apart’ to my wife as an anniversary present. I’d stopped in several times, and always found myself staring at the piece. Then my wife joined me for a visit, and she noticed the work and talked about how much she liked it. I contacted Ryan James Fine Art Gallery the next day! I’ve attached a couple of photos to give you an idea of how your lovely piece fits into our home. Not a day goes by that I don’t stop to appreciate it.–Barry Smith, Kirkland, Washington

  • IT IS HERE! I just got home and saw your email so I checked outside and it has arrived. I now have it on the wall. I just need to center it and mount it a bit higher. It will be the first thing I see tomorrow!–Carolyn Krieg, Danville, California

  • It has been my pleasure to meet you and have your painting in my living room.  I am going to move it to the space where the cement rustic piece is.  I think I like that better, but wherever it is – I love it!!

    –paula horn, bellingham, washington

  • It looks great in my office. Thanks for everything!–Joe Graf, Park City, Utah

  • The paintings came this afternoon and I love “More”. What this piece will teach me over and over again each time I look into it is “Remember that More is really less.” I love this piece even more now. –Jessica Armstrong, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

  • I’m hanging your paintings which makes me happy! They are in the exact colors of the rug and look fabulous in a space that has been sorely lacking the right art.–Neelie Nelson, Bellingham, Washington

  • Thanks for the info on the painting, Garden Party. We love the painting, and it is perfect in the dining room.–Ron Wanke, Chicago, Illinois

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