The Attraction of Abstraction

Non-representational painting is more than a random accumulation of careless brushstrokes. I believe it offers much more freedom than realistic art styles by concentrating on and isolating the strengths of form, texture, and color. The resulting visual language is a delight for me because I’m able to express countless states of human emotion and experiences without the need to justify a particular truth.

Letting go of the need for clearly recognizable interpretations of reality is counter-intuitive, especially for someone with a science education like me. In my experience, science and art have offered me two different paths to truth, one rational and the other intuitive. In my work the intersection of these two ideologies yields a more informed perspective. I take subjects and comment on them through distillation and filtering.  Abstract expressionism allows me to shift from describing subjects in terms of their anticipated properties to describing the more sensory and intangible qualities instead. Personally, this is deeply satisfying – dissolving the barrier between people’s inner and outer worlds.

Aesthetics in nature fascinate me because for all its recurring shapes and pattern arrangements, nature creates endless similar, but unique compositions in unexpected and distinctive ways. There is an unspoken connection between all things in the environment, both living and inanimate; the connection between seemingly disparate forms inspires my work. What’s common in all my paintings is simple geometric structure where pigment creates mood and lasting emotional effect. My work takes existing designs and structures in the world and extracts their essential elements, letting shapes accompanied by color tell a unique story. I use color as a means of establishing an emotional relationship with the viewer. As dreary and grey as the Pacific Northwest can be, I lean towards fuller hues as a signature in my work. Color also allows me to express and echo different cultural values, the culmination of different experiences around the world that, while different, connect people from all walks of life to common truths.

My goal as an artist is to stimulate intimacy and understanding, and a greater awareness of self, surroundings and others. I hope for associations people foster on their own.