The Attraction of Abstraction

Abstraction is much more than random accumulation of a few careless brushstrokes. There’s great appeal in disregarding figurative references found in more traditional art styles, in order to concentrate on the expressive strengths of form and color. Freedom on this level teases forth a new visual language, and I delight in being able to combine colors, forms, and textures to express emotional states, along with my general inner restlessness, without the burden of qualification or the need to defend my truth.

Painting is a dialogue for me, rather than a rigid study of subjects. Finding traditional painting styles and conventional painting rules too constrictive, I discovered through experimentation that I could most easily tease out my private self, the less figurative my work became. “Letting go” of an attachment to realism has revealed a pathway for my most authentic voice, and describing things in terms of sensory qualities rather than their physical properties, allows me to coalesce inner and outer experience without the fear of betraying the truth of either one.

Nature fascinates me because for all the recurring shapes and pattern arrangements found, similar but unique compositions occur endlessly in original and distinctly unexpected ways. An unspoken echo exists between all things, and these relationships inspire my work. What’s common in all my paintings is simple geometric structure, powered by pigment to create mood and lasting emotional effect. Anything can become subject and by extracting essential elements from existing designs and structures around me, I can tell rich stories about the experience of being alive.

Life involves elemental processes and progressions of state, and my work reflects the culmination of thoughts and inner conversations about the iterative nature of changing reality: all things are evolving into something else. My goal as an artist is to engender a state of intimacy and understanding within the viewer, a greater awareness of self, surroundings, others. At the core of human attention is always the universal search for meaning and purpose in life.