Why Abstract Art?

Longing to be an artist, but accepting a more practical path in life, the decision to pursue a more simplified life is what propelled Yvette Neumann to step away from a thriving business career and take up painting seriously in 2007. Art making has always been an integral part of Neumann’s life, and a quenchless curiosity led to expansive studies in glass, woodworking, weaving, sculpture, pottery, and indigenous arts, all of which aided in coalescing and defining her painting style and technique.

She began exhibiting her work publicly in 2008, continuing to build her craft by training with artists in an array of diverse media arts whose work she admired and loved. What followed quickly was a body of work, incorporating knowledge and skill from a broad spectrum of arts and sciences experience. Neumann’s training in engineering and years of technical design, allow her to channel and express ideas through her work in unconventional and unexpected ways. She prefers an intuitive approach to art and the art making process, believing as Einstein did, that imagination is more important than knowledge.

Generally non-representational, Neumann’s work invites individual response and interpretation, without the need for qualification. She draws inspiration from daily life, objects, moods, or physical features – not so much because of what they are, but because of the questions they inspire. “Painting offers new challenges every time I embark on a new work. Each foray has its own set of problems to solve, processes to perfect, ideas to explore; I paint with the hope that my next painting will be my best painting so far”.

Exhibited regularly at galleries, museums, and select art festivals around the Pacific Northwest, her work is in private and corporate collection across the United States, and in Australia and Canada. She is the owner/operator of Yvette Neumann Fine Art LLC, a fine arts company, and Creative Life Adventures NW, an arts based tour company specializing in experiences combining the love of art, culture, and the great outdoors. Neumann is also a patented inventor, with registered U.S. and European technical patents for her design work in in the aerospace industry.

She makes her home on the outskirts of Bellingham, Washington, and visitors can tour her art studio in Whatcom County by appointment.