A Credibility Gap

Slippery Slope

Miles Apart

Holes In Her Story

Out Of The Blue

Bluebird, Fly

Serene On The Inside

Yearning Once More

By Leaps And Bounds

Thinking Out Loud


The Whole Nine Yards 1

The Whole Nine Yards 2

The Whole Nine Yards 3

Far Flung Idea

Coming To Grips

Not Myself

An Interior Affair

Castles In The Sky

The Moral High Ground

Heart of Spring

Descending Blue

A Taste Of Contradiction

When The Dust Settles

Perpetual Motion

A Pretty Big If

Echoes Of Descartes

Qualia I: Loneliness

Qualia II: Scarlet

Qualia III: Perfume

Blue Mountain Waltz


Traits By Definition

Chasing Rainbows

Think On Your Feet